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ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite For Antivirus Protection

Malicious software programs like viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware etc. are collectively known as malware. According to Computer Economics, worldwide financial losses due to malware declined in 2005 to $14.2 billion, a first since 2002. Though this was welcome news for computer users, it was also reported that malware attacks are becoming more covert and focused from being overt earlier. The latter is a cause for worry as the damage due to malware can be unexpected and huge.

Keeping malware at bay from computer systems all the time is indeed a difficult task. A strong security system which includes antivirus software should be put in place in order to achieve it. ZoneAlarm Internet Security suite 7.0 from Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd is one such system. It is a proven system that has received many certifications and awards from independent testers and computer publications. In fact it has received the most no. of review recommendations than any other software suite providing internet security.

ZoneAlarm gives complete dynamic PC protection; firewall, antivirus software, spyware, instant messages and home network protection. Its firewall has full stealth features by which the computer will be totally invisible to outsiders. It provides both inbound and outbound protection. Its OS firewall stops suspicious program activity to the core. Its antivirus and anti spyware feature recognizes new viruses instantly usually within 2 hours on the average. The spy site blocking feature stops any program from visiting spyware distribution sites. The identity theft protection alerts if the userís credit car no. appears online. It has many layers of security that block cookies and scripts and clean the cache. It also anti spam, anti phishing and parental control features. ZoneAlarm is better than Norton internet security software which puts too much load on the system.

The latest version 7.0 provides the following new features:

* New antivirus engine with hourly signature updates, expanded coverage, and faster detection of viruses
* Auto learn feature enables ZoneAlarm to automatically configure security settings, and grade threats according to the potential damage that it they can cause. The software hides unnecessary security alerts depending on the usage of different software by the user.
* Network and program firewall with multiple layers of security.
* New improved operating system firewall
* Identity theft protection stops pre approved credit card offers; detects thefts by monitoring stolen credit cards list from vendors etc.
* Improved anti spyware that removes even the most persistent and hard to find spyware

Despite enormous number of features, ZoneAlarm is easy to install and use, particularly its default settings which are more than adequate for everyday usage. In conclusion, ZoneAlarm is a comprehensive security solution and antivirus software for computers and protects the computer from all possible cyber threats from the moment it is installed.

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